International specialised exhibition

«Safety and Labour Protection»
06 - 09 December 2022, EXPOCENTRE

BIOT-2019: summarize

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BIOT-2019: summarize

BIOT-2019: summarize

The XXIII International Specialized Exhibition "Safety and Labor Protection" was held at VDNH.

The latest BIOT became the largest in its history in terms of the number of exhibitors, visitors and exhibition space volumes. Today BIOT is the second or third exhibition in the world in the field of labor safety and is the largest in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe.

20 356 people from 45 countries from all over the world visited the exhibition. 450 organizations from 23 countries presented more than 100 thousand products, goods and services. The total area of the exhibition was 16.5 thousand square meters, having increased by more than 30 percent compared to last year.

This year, for the first time, BIOT business events could be “visited” by means of online broadcasting. 2 673 people took advantage of this opportunity.

The exhibition aroused great interest from the media. The work of the exhibitors and the events of the business program were covered by 120 journalists. Some of them were reporting live.

“We exceeded all our wildest plans and forecasts that we set for ourselves,” said Vladimir Kotov, President ASIZ, co-organizer of BIOT. - The interest in the exhibition is huge, there are great number of responses and reviews. Everyone notes that it was transformed in terms of coverage, submission of information. BIOT was filled with interesting business events and new formats of training and presentations. It was possible to create a bright festive atmosphere, which successfully combined with a business program. "

Important decisions for the PPE development

The opening ceremony of the BIOT was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Tatyana Golikova, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin, Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation Andrei Kigim, Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Fedor Prokopov, Secretary of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia Vitaly Trumel , Secretary General of the European Security Federation Hank Vanhutte and others.

All of them spoke about the special role of the exhibition, which contributes to the development of the PPE market, the promotion of the most advanced solutions in the field of protecting a working person.

On the first day of the exhibition, a meeting on expanding the use of innovative PPE with a participation of Tatyana Golikova and Maxim Topilin was held. Following its results, instructions will be given to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other federal departments. In the near future, standard-setting activities will begin, which results of which will allow enterprises to attribute innovative PPE to cost.

“Innovative PPE are personal protective equipment that is developed, exists and is actively used. But in fact, they are not in the regulatory documents justifying their use (they are not included in the industry norms and standards of enterprises). Thus, enterprises have no legal justification for attributing such PPE to the prime cost, - says Vladimir Kotov. - We will eliminate this legal incident and thereby open wide access for all consumers to the latest PPE. To this end, we are coordinating a mechanism together with the Social Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, which will allow us to finance the use of innovative PPE as preventive measures to reduce occupational injuries and occupational diseases. This is a big serious step for the development of the PPE market, the effect of which can be felt not in the distant future, but today.”

Reload is done

Long before the opening of BIOT, the President ASIZ Vladimir Kotov announced a complete reload of the format of the entire event. Today, based on the results, we can say with confidence that Reload is done.

The exhibition exposition was built up on thematic alleys and salons. This allowed to organize communication of visitors and exhibitors on topics the most “concentrated”. Participants noted the effectiveness of such kind area organization.

The main novelties of this year were the “Shoe Alley” and “The Alley of Work at Height and in Confined Spaces”. These are the topics that the attention of the entire professional community is riveted today, and these are areas where important changes are taking place.

Throughout the four days of the exhibition there were master classes, practical and educational classes, continuously replacing each other. On the “Alley of heights” special polygons were created that completely imitate real conditions. Training and demonstration of work was carried out by world-class professionals. One of these instructors was the legendary Denis Provalov. A two-time conqueror of Everest, the Guinness World Records record holder, he was the first to go down to the deepest cave of the world of Kruber in Abkhazia. A professional rescuer demonstrated modern techniques and equipment for rescue, noting the uniqueness of the training stands at BIOT.

Young are not green

For the first time in the history of biotechnology, youth issues were given key attention. The business program was attended by over 40 universities of the country. Students and young specialists became full participants in many sessions, round tables and discussions, and schoolchildren took part in some events.

This year, there were held three competitions with the participation of young people: the “Smart RPE” competition, a research work competition and a business game that developed a safety culture. The number of participants, the level and relevance of the developments confirm the high interest and involvement of young specialists in resolving safety issues in the workplace.

TV bridge: distance is not a hindrance

For the first time, three TV bridges took place at BIOT at once, connecting experts from Moscow with colleagues from other cities and countries.

During the TV bridge with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, experts discussed the second package of amendments to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “Safety of PPE” (ТР ТС 019/2011).

The Chairman of the Council on professional qualifications in the field of labor and social protection and employment, Yuri Gertsy, within the spacebridge with employers of the Tyumen region, gave explanations on the issues of independent assessment of qualifications (NOCs), the work of NOC centers, and the choice of experts.

Using the third TV bridge, specialists were able to see a professional exam at the examination center in St. Petersburg.

Hello, BIOT-2020

“BIOT – 2020” won’t be just about labor protection, it is about safety: industrial, fire, environmental. We will definitely devote more time to a safety culture. The mission of ASIZ is to ensure the safety of a working person, including through the introduction of a safety culture, and for this purpose we will attract the widest of the population stratum. We understand that this will take years and decades, and it is especially nice to realize that we have many like-minded people who work in this direction. This is not justified, but necessary. Because the question of the safety of a working person is a question of life as it is! These are the questions of each of us!”, Summarized the President ASIZ Vladimir Kotov.