International specialised exhibition

«Safety and Labour Protection»
06 - 09 December 2022, EXPOCENTRE


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Traditionally the annual International specialized exhibition “Safety and Labor Protection” involves the representatives of foreign companies and the CIS.
Already now we have applications from producers and suppliers of PPE from the Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Argentine, France, Germany, Italy, Pakistan, China, India, Turkey.

BIOT is not just the exhibition but a place to communicate, exchange experience, examine the demand and promotion, present innovations, search for suppliers, consumers and business partners. We are happy to see that participants of preceding BIOT exhibitions reserve stands that shows us the efficiency, good results of both the exhibition and the Business program. I am confident that our exhibition for the industry is the event you can not miss!


The special safety shoes marking can be called, without exaggeration, the event of the year for the Russian PPE market. Starting the 1st of July, after the pilot project that lasted for 13 months, shoes marking with controlling and identification symbols has become an obligatory one in Russia, but its
introduction raised and still raises many questions. «It would be strange to expect that from the very beginning the system is an ideal one» – tells Mr. Kotov,
President of the Association of Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment. «It is a serious global project that has never been
implemented in the world, from scratch, on a vast territory, in such a complicated economy as our. The testing of the system will take some time. The first results of the obligatory safety shoes marking we plan to discuss at the exhibition “Safety and Labor Protection”.

According to Mr. Kotov, the Association of Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment took an active part in the work over the system of digital marking and tracking of shoes. The experts of the Association, during the experimental work, have found many practical inconsistencies, e.g. in the issues of marking the remains and the return of the production. Some of controversial points have been settled thanks to the efforts of the Association. «There was a big discussion on who will be the participant of the turnover and at what stage to take the marked production away from the turnover. The Association managed to achieve that the goods removal is not the obligation of final consumers, final consumers have been taken away from the turnover. It will simplify our life to us, by us I mean, first of all, the companies that work on b2b market with individual protection, work shoes. If the consumers become the participants of the turnover, that would become absolutely another issue, as in this case each enterprise should be involved into the
process and that is much more difficult», tells the head of the organization. As far as the take away of the special shoes is concerned, that will be made, according to Mr. Kotov, on the basis of confirmed shipping documents. «Let’s say, the company X shipped the production to the factory Y. The factory hasreceived the production, confirmed it and accepted. There are completed documents and these documents are the reason the specialized shoes are taken away from the turnover» - tells the expert. Meanwhile, the marking in Russia takes more and more products. According to, on the 27th of June started the pilot project for the clothes marking that will last till November 30 It is already known that two largest companies of the PPE market will join the experiment – “Vostok-Service” and “Technoavia”. According to Mr. Kotov, the discussion of the marking at BIOT-2019 will not be limited to shoes as the system of the turnover monitoring by 2024 will be complete and will involve all types of production, including protective equipment. (


The statistics says that the construction industry is the most high-injury industry in Russia and most often the constructors die falling down from the height. In
total 306 people died after the fall down from the height last year and that is 23% of all the deaths at the working place in our country. The height takes one of the leading places among the reasons of the workers death, this statistics is confirmed by Mr. Tsirin I., the advisor to the Director general of the all-
union research institute of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. That is why the issue of the workers protection at height is always in the focus of attention of organizers of the exhibition “Safety and Labor Protection” - the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and the Association of Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment. The next, 23rd exhibition will not be an exception. The BIOT–2019 will host the Walkway of height where will be shown the most up-to-date personal protection equipment from the falling down. Thematic round tables and seminars are scheduled as part of the business program. According to the expert, it is assumed to discuss the changes of labor protection while working at the height. The document is already being examined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.
«Existing rules prohibit working in extreme climatic conditions. But these conditions, e.g.  icing, winds, heat exist on vast territories and, as a result, on many building sites. Let us take Laht centre in Saint-Petersburg. Its height is more than 460 meters, the speed of wind at the top is 150 km per hour and from time to time the constructions freeze. The rules are to be changed if the constructors work under such conditions, - tell Mr. Tsirin.
– The employer should together with the producers of PPE make innovative decisions, both technical and organizational to work when it is not allowed but necessary. It is required to identify the risks, assess and elaborate measures to reduce these risks up to the acceptable level – the level that would allow to guarantee the safety of the worker and execute works. It means that the main point of introducing these changes is to go from the total ban to the reasonable risk-oriented modern approach».